How To Make It Easier To Go To The Dentist With Anxiety

There’s something about visiting a dentist that triggers a huge fear response in many of us, children and adults included. As dads, however, it’s vital to stay aware of both our health and our children’s oral hygiene, as well. This means that it’s important that you model positive behavior by going to the dentist regularly. This is the best way to demonstrate to your kids that there isn’t anything to be afraid of at the dentist.

If you’re still afraid of your visit, or if you want to make your kids’ trip to the dentist go more smoothly, here are some ideas to help everyone feel more comfortable about trips to the dentist. Try out these easy ideas to see how much they help.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Some of the worst parts about visiting the dentist, for many individuals, are the dread of the trip itself, and how uncomfortable it can be to get teeth cleaned. If you and your children experience these issues, it might make sense to try out sedation dentistry for your next dental exam.

A sedation dentist uses varying levels and types of anesthesia to help manage pain during dental work. When you visit a sedation dentist, you can choose the level of sedation the patient will have throughout their appointment. This can range from limited pain all the way up to full sedation.

Working with a sedation dentist involves eliminating several of the largest issues that many people deal with when visiting the dentist. The services can be very reasonably priced, and will help you feel better about your trip to the dentist.

Enjoy Music During Your Dentist Appointment

Another issue dentists often experience is that their patients tend to hate hearing the sound of the work happening. One good way to take your mind off that is to bring headphones and a music player with you to your dental appointment.

This easy solution may seem strange if other patients haven’t done it, so check with your dentist to make sure it’s okay with them. Then, you can play music for yourself or your child during the procedure. The sound can help distract you from the work that’s happening. Opt for a favorite band, a podcast, or a relaxing audiobook, so that you or your child has something to focus on during the dental exam.

It’s important to be sure that the headphones that you have fit well and are designed to block out sound. Earbuds tend to work better for dental work than over the head headphones, as they don’t get in the way of any work. You may also want to take extra headphones if you’re going to be at the dentist for a long time, in case something goes wrong with your first set.

Talk to the Dentist

All of these ideas can help, but your first step should be to take some time and talk to your dentist. This can be the easiest solution to handle your anxiety while in the dental office. If the dentist doesn’t know you’re anxious, it can be more difficult to help you.

Tell the dentist that you have severe dental anxiety. This is a common condition, so they shouldn’t be surprised.

Once they know that you’re afraid, they will likely take steps to work with you by explaining the procedures and handling the appointment differently. They may also be able to distract your child during their appointment.

Your dentist is there to do the best job they can of making you comfortable while providing you with excellent dental care. Let them do the best job that they can by talking to them about your dental anxiety.

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