Tried and Tested Ways to Reduce Cellulite

tried & tested ways to get rid of celluliteAs more and more people become conscious about how cellulite looks, they have gone to products and treatments for comfort. With the advancement of technology, it’s hard to know which one is actually worth spending money and time on. To guide you through the many cellulite treatments, here is a list of the tried and tested methods to reduce cellulite.

1. Laser treatment

One of the most effective procedures to reduce cellulite is using lasers. Cellulaze, an FDA-approved laser treatment is one of the most popular because doctors and patients alike have seen visible improvement. What Cellulaze does is insert a fine tube beneath the skin that will melt the fat deposits away. It also reinforces the production of more collagen so that the connective tissues become more elastic and the skin becomes smoother. With just one treatment, results can last from 12-18 months.

2. Radio frequency

Radio frequency involves using shockwaves to melt fat deposits. This is supposed to “unsettle” them so they break away from the connective tissues they are pushing against. After doing this, the heat breaks the structure of the fatty tissues so that they turn into gas bubbles. Once the fatty tissues are reduced, the chances of having cellulite are reduced as well. This is due to the fact that fatty tissues are the ones responsible for the lumps you see on your skin.

One radio frequency procedure that is popular is Zwave. Like Cellulaze, it is FDA-approved and it was shown to be effective. However, unlike Cellulaze, you will need 10 sessions to see visible results. Sessions are done thrice a week.

3. Mesotherapy

Unlike laser and radiofrequency treatments that are non-invasive, mesotherapy involves injecting different substances to the body to treat certain conditions. If cellulite is your main concern, then the injections would contain vitamins that enhance the production of cellulite and improve blood circulation. The dosages vary depending on the gravity of cellulite and other factors regarding the patient. While this treatment is effective because it directly supplies the much-needed substances to fight cellulite, it does have some side effects. Some patients claim to have swelling and prickly feeling after treatment. Another point to consider is that it is not FDA-approved.

4. Massages

Although cellulite massages do not involve heating and injectables, it does reduce cellulite using a different method. There are massage techniques and equipment that knead the skin so that the fatty tissues underneath are broken down. It also stimulates proper blood flow that encourages production of collagen.

Cellulite massages are usually focused on trouble areas like the hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach.

5. Toning exercises

This approach is a more conventional and simpler way. Exercise has a lot of benefits and one of them is reducing the appearance of cellulite because it makes the muscle tissues strong. It tones your body so that dimpled-like textures are smoothed out.

Aside from toning exercises, cardio can also help especially in burning fat. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when you are slim that you no longer have fat in the body. It still holds true that there are fat deposits that aren’t easily burned. Doing cardio regularly can help you.

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